Monday, October 27, 2014


These two took me quite a long time to complete and I am not sure if I did the embedding correctly.  I found the mindmup much easier than the lucid chart.  I was able to find youtube videos to help me walk the process.  They were very helpful.  I think I could easily use the mindmup with my students and plan to use it in my next unit when we discuss changes in adolescence.  I think I would have to spend more time figuring out the lucid chart, before I can use in the classroom.  

Thing #2

It is Day 2 of Fall Break and I am excited to finally have some time to tackle some Jeepney things!  I could not get onto to the voice thread site so decided to go on to Thing #2.  Will try that again later.
For apps, I chose:

  • Translate language
  • voice Thread
  • Exit ticket
For Extensions, I chose:
  • Clearly
  • Print friendly
  • MicroHealth blogs
There were so many to choose from and I felt that I could spend an entire morning just looking through. It was fairly easy to install .  I am looking forward to using the Apps in my classroom.  The exit ticket will be especially useful.  The extensions will be helpful when reading articles on web and I will use the MicroHealth blogs to keep up with health issues.  I am hoping some will be relevant to topics I cover with my students in middle school.  

Monday, February 24, 2014

Intro Post

My name is Cheryl Thompson.  I am the grade 5 and 6 Wellness teacher here at ISM.  I see technology as a tool to be used to assist students in accessing the curriculum.  I have concerns about  the pace of change as well as about how technology can potentially negatively impinge on social interaction.

My favorite place these days to visit in the Philippines is STILTS in Catalagan. The over the water cottages are great and the scenery is amazing.  You can snorkel and dive.  The beach is not Boracay, but since I don't do boats, it is great for me.  Food is also very good.